3 tips to building brand presence on Social Media

I noticed the majority of brands recognize the impact Social Media can have on your business. Even though it may seem like a simple and easy way to grow your business, it can be very time-consuming. It can be challenging to balance both your day to day business operations and finding a way to stay active on social media. I want to highlight three strategies to help get the brand awareness your organization may need.

First, Consistency

Just like most things, the first couple of weeks will be a little tough trying to create content daily and identifying influencers and your audience to engage. CRM platforms, such as Hootsuite and Hubspot, can manage multiple social media accounts. It features dashboards to view all your social media accounts and even schedule out posts in advance. Consistency helps you to position your organization as an influencer because your audience can confidently rely on your response or perspective on relevant content to them.

Secondly, Engagement

The first thing I learned about business is its all about relationships. Not the type where you find “the one” but the kind of relationships you build with your customers or clients where your brand is spoken highly of when you are not in the room. Engaging on social is essential because it lets people know that you are listening to what they have to say and people like to hear. It means a lot to me if someone finds value in what have to say and I’m sure that goes for most people. Engaging with your audience is a great way to form lasting relationships.

Lastly, #Hashtags

Real quick, back to my second point about engagement, hashtags are a great way to discover posts that relate to your business and engage with those individuals. When it comes to posting content using hashtags is a great way to organically reach a larger audience of people who are interested in your brand or industry. Apart from only using hashtags related to your industry, you can use brand-specific hashtags. For example, if I wanted to leverage exposure to my personal brand, I may use a hashtag such as #SeanRoberts. Every time someone decides to click that hashtag or even search it, only my content will show up. This strategy can help solidify your brand (or in this case, my brand) as a thought leader in its respective industry.

When it comes to brand awareness, there are other strategies such as paid media campaigns, analyzing metrics, podcasts, and vlogs. Those strategies can contribute to your companies social media presence. To those startups and small businesses who may not have the resources to implement the various approaches effectively. I believe starting out being consistent, engaging, and using hashtags is a great way to start establishing a social presence.

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